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This section is going to be used to explain our needs from our members for raiding purposes. Note, these are all decided by officers and full-time raiders. So, going with that, these terms are non-negotiable. If you feel that these terms are unfair, then speak to one of the fine officers online and in-game to sort out any problem you may have with these conditions.

General Attributes of a RaidEdit

We at Daemon Brigade try and make everyone's raiding experience as enjoyable as possible. What this entails is some general rules of just being in the raid, something that every raid should have.

  1. Atmosphere: Keeping the atmosphere within the raid at a happy high is everyone's responsibility. We at Daemon Brigade strive to make sure everyone is friendly and welcoming so that the raiding experience is good for everyone involved. If this means cracking a few jokes, by all means go ahead. Please feel free to talk in vent, we don't bite much.
  2. Respect: With a lot of things respect is key, and in our raids this is no different. Your leader for the raid is generally someone trusted and respected by the Guild Master or Officers. They usually have a lot of experience in leading the raid and making sure it is going smoothly. As such, they are the target for the most stress by trying to figure out what happened, what can be done to improve, and other stuff like that. Suggestions for the leading of the raid are not tolerated in any way. Being elitist/know-it-all is not going to win anyone any favors, and might end up in a boot from the raid.
  3. Elitisim: While we're on the subject, elitism in any shape or form, is NOT conducive to a good, clean, friendly raid environment. Anyone who tries to grab the reins from the raid leader claiming to have downed the end-game boss on a different server/alliance alt and knows all the fights forward and backward, blindfolded, upside down, underwater, cross-eyed, on the moon, at night is an elitist and will not be tolerated. Also, anyone who thinks they are better just because they have better gear is an elitist. Gear DOES NOT MATTER. If someone can pull 5k/6k DPS in Item Level 232s across the board, while someone in 251+ pulls 7k/8k DPS, those in 251s have no reason to think they are better simply because they have a higher average item level.

So, You Want to Raid?Edit

Leading 10 people is tough if they don't know each other all that well. Leading 25 people is even harder. So, in an effort to make it easier for the raid leader and the raid itself, we look for some general things our raiders need to do for raid time.

  1. Be on at least 15 minutes before start time. Sometimes this cannot be avoided, you're stuck in traffic, your kid's hungry, you have to make dinner, but, it's preferred that you be on before start time to maximize your time spent in your raid of choice that evening. Being lazy and not wanting to log on until raid time doesn't help the raid at all. Nor does being on an alt in the middle of a random. 15 minutes, be on the character that is going to the raid.
  2. If you're going to raid, we need to know when you can raid. As such, we have a calendar that tells us when people can/cannot raid. However, that only works when people go to the guild website and tell us when they can/cannot. Rule #2: Post your availability.
  3. If you know that you aren't going to be on ahead of time, please let the raid leader know. Log on at least 2 hours before raid time, and if the leader is on, tell him/her, if not, send an in-game mail so that it arrives at least 1 hour before raid time hits. This gives the raid leader plenty of time to swap people in to replace you. If you cannot log on, most of the raid leaders have posted their contact info on the website, some have posted e-mails, phone numbers, real names/facebook/myspace/wtfe, this means that you have more than just 1 option to get ahold of someone.

Raid Leaders on RaidingEdit

Being that our guild is diverse and growing, there are different people who lead raids. Some may have a style more suited to your needs/happiness and that's fine. Others you don't know about. So, in this section, the raid leaders will tell you all you need to know about raiding with them.


Yomali: As the leader of the illustrious C Team, and the former leader of B Team, and raider on A Team, I have seen a lot of things, and done a lot of things I'm not proud of. loljk. Nah, I'm just screwin with ya. As a raid leader, I expect a few things from my raid:

  1. Keeping the atmosphere light, fun, and carefree, while also making sure everyone is on the same page and doing their best.
  2. I tend to keep things moving at a fast pace, most people know what's going on, I'll only slow down for the newbies.
  3. Being C Team is an eclectic team and open to just about anyone, I expect people to show up when they sign up, step up if they want to raid, and be ready to rock out with your cock out.
  4. Respect me. I'm human just like everyone else. I also may be young, only being 19, but even if I'm younger than you, I spent the last 7 -going on 8- months in ICC, 4 nights a week, seeing the same bosses day in, day out, struggling the same as everyone else to progress. I've been there, I've done that, now you have to listen to my ass. Lol.
  5. Put your best foot forward. I hold myself to a higher standard and if I'm not doing my best, then I doubt everyone else is doing their best. So if I'm stepping up, doing my best, and helping the guild, I expect everyone else in my raid to do so as well.

Other than that, I just want everyone to have fun. This is only a game people. Help me make it an escape from reality, and not feel like work, a'ight?




No Secrecy PolicyEdit

Recently it has come to our attention that the little kid gloves had to come off, so we are implementing a No Secrecy Policy in regards to the effect of performance in the raid. What this means is that if someone is pulling 5k DPS in a 25 man raid with that diverse pallet of buffs, and they have decent gear, there's probably a relay problem between the keyboard and the computer chair, and we will tell that person so. They either need to step it up or stop slacking because "Oh, I'm 1 of 25 people, I don't have to do my best." does not cut it.

No Secrecy Policy means that Recount, when asked for, will be posted in Raid Chat. If you want to know what your DPS/HPS/wtfe was that fight, well, everyone is going to know what your DPS/HPS/wtfe was that fight. There will be no more whispering. If you have reason to believe you're not doing your best, then you best pick up your slack and start pulling your weight.

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