Guild vs. PUG runsEdit

A guild run is considered 7 of 10 guildies for 10 mans and 18 of 25 for 25 mans, otherwise it is a PUG run.

Loot RulesEdit

We use loot count for our loot rules. When you win a piece of gear, you get a loot count of 1. The person with the lowest loot count and the highest roll wins a piece of gear. Main sets and offsets have separate loot counts. Main set is what you are in the raid as.

Tier Gear/Tier TokensEdit

Tier tokens are always main set regardless of their ultimate use. Tier gear (such as from VoA) itself is main sets first.

25 ICCEdit

In 25 man ICC, you must own a piece of tier gear to use a tier token. Therefore we have implemented a rule that in order to roll on the tokens that drop you must own a piece of tier gear at the start of the raid.


In PUGs tier tokens are still main set regardless of their ultimate use. There are no restrictions on rolling on tier tokens in PUG 25 ICC.

Epic BoEsEdit

Epics that drop in end-game raids are often worth a lot of money, and many guilds use the sale of these epics to fund their progression raids. While we recognize the value of filling the guild coffers, we also recognize the value of gearing up our members. Therefore if the epic is a direct main set upgrade you may roll. Whoever wins the roll (subject to main set loot count) must equip the item upon receiving it. If no one needs the item for main set, it will be sold at the auction house and the money put in the guild bank.


For PUGs, only those who have a loot count of 0 may roll on the epic BoEs. Winning does increase your main set loot count by 1.

Quest Items (including legendary pieces)Edit

Depending on the quest item, the drop rate, and the difficulty of the quest, we will decide what to do with possible quest drops at the start of the raid. Typically we will collect information on who is closest to completing the quest or who has the most pieces of the item and that person will receive any quest items that drop.

Primordial Saronite (including blue crafting items)Edit

For guild runs, anyone in the raid has the opportunity to purchase the saronite for 80% of current market value, otherwise the saronite will go into the guild bank.


For PUGs, only those who have a loot count of 0 may roll on the saronite. Winning does not affect main or offset loot count.

Armor Classes, Casters vs. Healers, and other MiscellanyEdit

Armor ClassesEdit

While everyone is free to roll on anything they can use, precedence will be given to those who cannot wear a higher armor class.

Example: Leather: druid and hunter roll = druid will win because he cannot wear anything higher than leather

Casters vs. HealersEdit

Anything with a specifically healer stat or specifically dps stat will be given to that role over another.

Example: Gear has hit rating: holy priest and warlock roll = warlock will win because hit rating is a more useful stat for dps


Always roll on whatever you are interested in. If the person who wins the roll changes their mind we will look at others who rolled. You can't win it if you're not in it!

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